Your To-Do-List

Cascades To Do List

Manage the To-Do-Lists of all Assignees

  • Delegate Tasks to another Assignee
  • Manage Due Dates
  • Set access permission between Assignees
  • Reschedule Tasks
  • Set Tasks to Work-in-Progress
  • Manage from your Laptop or Smartphone

Task Management

Cascades Team
  • Recurring & Non-recurring Tasks

  • Link Tasks to a Contact / Project by Task Activity

  • Apply Priority levels

  • Set Advance Warnings

  • Provide Comments and Instructions

More time to work On your business rather than In the business

Manage your Contacts

  • Categories your Contacts by Customer, Supplier, Prospect etc.

  • Apply Regional Classification

  • Allocate a Controller

  • Capture the Direct Contact Detail of persons associated (linked) to the Main Contact
Cascades Contacts
Cascades Contacts

Tasks Management

Take control of your Task Scheduling and Planning


Schedule by Task Type Recurring or


Link the Task to
an Assignee


Link the Task to a Contact by Activity Type

Manage your Contacts

Your Contacts are the reason you are in business


Allocate a Controller to each Contact


Keep up-to-date Contact details


Track Important communication with Contacts

To-Do Lists

Manage your Business from your Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone


Apply access permission on To-Do-Lists between Assignees


Set access to Reschedule, Delegate or Delete Tasks


Manage Due Dates & Priorities

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